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Sion Mills Primary School West View Terrace, Sion Mills
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Busy, Busy, Busy!

6th Apr 2023

We had a busy term learning all about peope who help us in the hospital. We learnt about Florence Nightingale  and Mary Seacole, who were nurses long ago.  We went on a walk and found a defibrillator in our school to help start your heart if it stops. We did lots of science experiments. We watched the Easter story and we went outside to look at the daffodils and paint them. We had an Easter egg hunt. A half egg was worth 2 points and a full egg was worth 10 points. We have been learning how to count in 2's and 10's.  We have been learning all about shape and we made 2D shapes using stones, cones, sticks and our bodies. We had a creativity week. The pictures are on facebook.